Tenants Information

Tenant Information

Our Responsibilities

We take our responsibilities seriously. This includes ensuring your property meets current safety legislation and adheres to the Repairing Standard set out in the EASY READ NOTES (PDF). We will also provide proper notice should you need to leave the property.

Your Responsibilities

To pay your rent in full and on time, to keep the property in good order, report repairs promptly and to allow access for property inspections and repairs where sufficient notice has been given. You will need to adere to the terms of your lease, including how to provide proper notice to leave the property. For full details on your responsibilities please refer to the EASY READ NOTES (PDF).

Deposit Scheme

Tenancy deposits are held by a third-party organisation, Safe Deposits Scotland, to protect your deposit until the end of the tenancy. Following the sign-out inspection, we will apply to Safe Deposits Scotland with the amount of deposit the landlord believes should be returned, whether the full amount or part of the amount. It is then the responsibility of the tenant to accept or dispute the amount. Once agreed the deposit will be returned within five working days.

Emergency Contact

Please refer to our Out of Office Hours guidance (PDF).