Get Let-Ready

Get Let-Ready

Choosing a Property

A sensible investment will return a rental yield of at least 5%. Anything over 7% is considered very good. Use our yield calculator to help you decide on a property. A free valuation will confirm the rental value for you.

Decide on your target market. A common mistake first-time landlords make is to choose a property they would like to live in. Instead find out which type of rental properties are in shortage in your area. Will the property hold its value in years to come? Are there big employers or good commuter links close by? Will it attract tenants with a steady employed income?

Register as a Landlord

Once you have purchased a property you must register as a landlord with your local council before the property can be advertised. Register with Fife Council.

Complying with legislation

Legislation relating to tenanted properties changed in 2015. Contact us to find out what you need to do to make your property compliant and receive instant estimates. Arrange a free valuation and we will meet you at your property to advise fully.

Decor and appliances

Neutral decor and hard-wearing fixtures and fittings are best. Consider wet-wall as a modern and easily maintained alternative to tiles. If you have an upper flat avoid laminate to avoid disturbance to neighbours below.

Most tenanted properties have white goods supplied as tenants don't expect to move them around with them or may not be able to take them to their next property. If you're about to undertake work on a rental property feel free to contact us for advice.


An third-party inventory helps to secure the return of the deposit to the landlord in the event of any property damage. It also provides peace of mind to the tenant. Contact us to discuss this further and for information on fees.